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Women have purses, men have a piece of fine wood. This massive cutting board has a stainless steel handle to make it clear on the first impression of who is the master of the kitchen. Dark American walnuts give each cooking a high quality job and a fine surface of smooth wood can withstand everyday work with knives and elegant serving.

• The cutting board is made in the Czech Republic in the following variants: from American walnut; from oak

• You can select gloss or matte steel finish

• Dimensions: 35 × 25 × 3 cm

• Weight: 1,7 kg (± 0,2 kg)

• Warranty: 5 let

• Meets food and food contact approval



Petr Novague

"I focus on designing mass-produced products. A quality product is the foundation and center of any company that is serious about its work. The product is the design and the design is the product."

Category: E-shop

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