We are Joiners 2.0

  • We combine true craft with modern technologies.
  • We collaborate with top professionals to fine-tune our production
  • We like to pioneer and look for new ways so we maintain contact with Czech universities to set up an ongoing research.
  • We have joined forces with Peter Novague, a successful product designer who shares our trust in design as something beautiful yet functional.
  • Local is not a mere catchphrase to us. Although our products aim worldwide our heart and production stays Czech.

An UBRD product goes through three workshops before it reaches your kitchen table. The first one is where joint boards are made, becoming the foundation of all our products. The second one is where we form and rub our products’ edges and into a final shape. The last one is where we fine-tune the products with our own hands. Take a look.

Products and their packaging

We use solar energy in our workshop, but that's just the beginning. To make sure our products are delivered to you in all their glory, we use recycled paper for gift wrapping and the box we ship our products in is made in a sheltered workshop. We believe that just a quality product is not enough and you need to go further.








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