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This is a massive piece of American walnut wood for true culinary art. Thanks to the side cuts, you always get it to the tasting of the cheese, and you will not even miss a millimeter when you cut freshly baked meat that requires a precise cut.


• Serves as a cutting edge

• The cutting board is treated (3x soaked) in oil meeting the standard for food contact


Material: American walnut

Dimensions: 350 x 250 x 30 mm (fit into a normal sink)

Weight: 1.5 kg (± 0,2)

Warranty: 2 years



• reddot award 2019: winner  reddot award 2019: winner

• iF Design Award 2019  iF Design Award 2019

• European product design award 2019 Gold winner  2019 Gold winner European product design award

• BIG SEE  Big SEE Wood Award 2019  

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