Bevel Set M

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Pride of every man. Quality steel knives that may be envied by masters of Japanese martial arts. That is why we establish and take care of them with great feeling. The solid wood knife stand protects your sharpened treasures from any damage and the dark American walnut design raises its quality even a bit higher.


• Set includes Flag M, Knife Stand
• Flag M serves as a cutting board
• Knife Stand si made for 4-8 knives, from small to large
• Knife Stand holds 48 neodymium magnets to hold from small knives to large ones
• Stability of the stand when removing knives is ensured by the weight inside
• Each product in the set is treated (3x soaked) in oil meeting the standard for food contact

Material: American walnut
Cutting board dimensions: 350 x 250 x 30 mm (fit into a normal sink)
Cutting board weight: 1.5 kg (± 0,2)
Knife stand dimensions: 280 x 180 x 40-80 mm
Knife stand weight: 4.0 kg (± 0,2)
Warranty: 2 years



iF Design Award 2019European product design award 2019 Gold winnerIDA design award 2020 Bronze winner


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